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The vein of the ancestors, and the root of cultivation

Chen Style Tai Ji is the very beginning of all kinds of Taijiquan (or shadow boxing) in the world.
And Chenjiagou, Wen County, Henan is the cradle of Taijiquan.In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty,
Chen Wanging created Taijiquan based on the ancestral boxing, melting the idea of Tai Ji,
yin and yang and ba-gua in the Book of Changes. It also adopted the method of breathing in Chinese medicine.
After hundreds of years of vicissitudes, it has developed into new Taijiquan genres, including Yang style,
Wu style, another Wu style, Sun style and other styles. But Chen Style Taijiquan is always the source and root.
Therefore, Chen Style Taijiquan is honored with “the vein of the ancestors; the root of cultivation”.

The contemporary inheritance of Chen Style Taijiquan

U Tai Ji was founded by Mrs. Chen Jia, who is the 20th-descendant of Chen Style Taijiquan and named as Tai Ji Phoenix, in Shanghai in 2012.
Now it has developed into the first choice of Taijiquan enthusiasts in Shanghai and the China to learn and communicate about Tai Ji.
U Tai Ji has inherited, authentic and experienced Chen style Taijiquan teaching team with the teaching core of “meditation, self-cultivation,
health, and fitness, and the business philosophy of “developing Tai Ji, and carrying forward the spirit of Tai Ji”.
Taking “benevolence, enterprising, and self-improvement” as the goal of teaching, we are trying to build a Tai Ji Center with positive energy in the new era.
In the past five years, it has trained more than 5,000 students, among whom there are a number of champions in national and even international Taijiquan competitions.
In U Tai Ji, people can make friends with boxing and talk about Tai Ji freely through holding a variety of cultural events, Taijiquan Exchange Game, Tai Ji among mountains and rivers and so on.
U Tai Ji has the first-class, well-equipped Tai Chi centers that are distributed in Xuhui, Gubei, Pudong and other areas in Shanghai.
With the joining of more and more Tai Ji enthusiasts holding passion for inheriting Tai Ji culture, U Tai Ji has confidence to open hundreds of Tai Ji martial centers in Shanghai and throughout the country in the next 3-5 years.
We will jointly carry forward the Chinese martial arts, inherit Tai Ji culture, and promote Tai Chi health, and try to let Taijiquan become a popular way of life, so Tai Chi can benefit the society and give back to society. . . .

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